Press Release:

Split, 30 June 2016 - FM Kovač: Arbitration procedure no longer relevant for Croatia

(Hina) - Croatian Minister of Foreign and European Affairs Miro Kovač commented on Thursday that Croatia had left the arbitration procedure on the border dispute between Croatia and Slovenia and no longer considers it relevant after the Arbitral Tribunal had decided to continue with the arbitration.

“For Croatia, the arbitration procedure is no longer relevant. Croatia is no longer a party in it and does not comment on the intentions or decisions of the Arbitral Tribunal,” Kovač told the press during a summer school in Split on “The Mediterranean – Geopolitics and the European Integration, Challenges and Opportunities”.

The Arbitral Tribunal announced on Thursday that it would continue the arbitration on the territorial and maritime border between Croatia and Slovenia, even though Slovenia had violated the procedure, as it deemed that the violations were not of such a nature as to justify Croatia’s leaving the procedure.

According to Kovač, the Arbitral Tribunal’s actions had damaged its international reputation.

Kovač delivered an address in the summer school on the relations between the EU and the US, as well as the need for cooperation among the EU, US and Canada.

“It is important that we continue to cooperate as we are one big family who shares the same values and are connected. North America is populated by people of European descent and we have to bear that in mind,” Kovač said. 

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