Diplomatic Missions and Consular Offices of Croatia

Establishment of diplomatic relations:


Permanent Representation of Croatia to the European Union

Avenue des Arts 50
1000 Brussels

Irena Andrassy, Ambassador, Permanent Representative
0032 2 436 7102, 0032 2 436 7100, 0032 2 507 54 11
0032 2 646 56 64, 0032 2 436 7199



Ms Marina Šutalo, Head of the Office of the Permanent Representative
Email: marina.sutalo@mvep.hr Tel + 32 436 71 56

Mr. Bruno Lopandić, Spokesperson
Email: Bruno.lopandic@mvep.hr Tel + 32 2 436 71 10

Mr. Mihael BORŠIĆ, Minister Counsellor(Political Affairs) 
Email: mihael.borsic@mvep.hr Tel. +32 25075487

Ms. Renata JURIĆ, Minister Counsellor, (Political Affairs) 
Email: renata.juric@mvep.hr Tel. +32 4367102

Damir KATULIĆ, Minister Counsellor, (Political Affairs)
Email: damir.katulic@mvep.hr Tel. +32 250 75487

Ms Goranka Primc, Press&Communication Counsellor – Coreper II
Email: Goranka.primc@mvep.hr   T: +32 2 436 71 32

Ms Morena Žagar, Press&Communication Counsellor – Coreper I
Email: Morena.zagar@mvep.hr T: +32 2 436 71 11    

Mr Claude GRBEŠA, Counsellor (RELEX, Project of the new premises of the Permanent Representation and the Embassy)
Email: claude.grbesa@mvep.hr Tel. +32 24367106



Ms Karmen ORISTIL, First Secretary (Antici, Coordination of Coreper II Activities)
Email: karmen.oristil@mvep.hr Tel. +32 24367113

Ms Maja ADAMIĆ, Minister Plenipotentiary (European Parliament and Working Party on General Affairs)
Email: maja.adamic@mvep.hr Tel. +32 25075462

Ms Danka PETRIČEVIĆ, Minister Plenipotentiary (NDICI)
Email: danka.petricevic@mvep.hr Tel: +32 25075439

Ms Silvija MALNAR, Minister Counsellor (Trade Policy Committee - Deputies, GSP, MAAC)
Email: silvija.malnar@mvep.hr Tel. +32 25075418

Mr Držislav ŠKELJO, Minister Counsellor (Visas)
Email: drzislav.skeljo@mvep.hr Tel. +32 25075445

Mr Predrag RUGANI, Minister Counsellor (Brexit – Ad hoc working party on Article 50 TEU)
Email: predrag.rugani@mvep.hr Tel. +32 24367105

Mr Dario DUDAS, Minister Counsellor (SCIFA, HLWG, Asylum, JAIEX, Schengen Acquis, AMF)
Email: dario.dudas@mvep.hr Tel. +32 25075403

Mr Ivan ZEKO-PIVAČ, Minister Counsellor (Cohesion Policy, Macroregional strategies and Outermost Regions)
Email: ivan.zeko-pivac@mvep.hr Tel. +32 25075463

Ms. Andrijana KRASNEC, Minister Counsellor (MFF)
Email: andrijana.krasnec@mvep.hr Tel. +32 25075492

Mr Goran MAĐARIĆ, Counsellor (Financial Services, Banking)
Email: goran.madaric@mvep.hr Tel. +32 25075461

Email: marijan.jelinek@mvep.hr Tel. +32 25075434

Mr Hrvoje VENCL, Counsellor (COSI, COSI SG, SCHEVAL, SiS Sirene, HDG, ISF)
Email: hrvoje.vencl@mvep.hr Tel. +32 25075485

Mr Igor KUŠAN, Counsellor (SCIFA, Asylum, Illegal migration, Readmission, AMF)
Email: igor.kusan@mvep.hr Tel. +32 25075491

Ms Paula LETUNIĆ, Counsellor (financial counsellor, European Semester, Economic Governance, Statistics, European Fund for Strategic Investment (EFSI), Fiscal Policy)
Email: paula.letunic@mvep.hr Tel. +32 25075447

Mr Branko HORVAT, Counsellor (Budget, Combating fraud)
Email: branko.horvat@mvep.hr Tel. +32 25075476

Ms Ana Marija HOLZER WERFT, Counsellor (Direct Taxation, Code of Conduct, Fiscalis, CbCR)
Email: Ana.Marija.Holzer.Werft@mvep.hr Tel. +32 25075483

Mr Hrvoje BUTIGAN, Counsellor (Cohesion Policy) 
Email: hrvoje.butigan@mvep.hr Tel. +32 25075407

Ms Tamara KOPAL, Counsellor (PROCIV, FoP IPCR) 
Email: tamara.kopal@mvep.hr Tel. +32 27073528

Ms Petra JURINA, Counsellor (FREMP)
Email: petra.jurina@mvep.hr Tel. +32 2 5075430

Ms. Matea PETKOVIĆ, Counsellor (COSI SG, DAPIX, SiS /Sirene CATS, Cybercrime)
Email: matea,petkovic@mvep.hr Tel. +32 25075416

Mr. Dastin KOVAČEC, Counsellor (LEWP, DAPIX)
Email: dastin.kovacec@mvep.hr Tel. +32 25075486

Ms Ana BUDIN, Counsellor (Financial Services, State Aid within Coreper I)
Email: ana.budin@mvep.hr Tel. +32 25075481

Ms Daniela TOMAŠEVIĆ DENAČIĆ, Counsellor (Cohesion Policy, Outermost Regions)
Email: Daniela.TomasevicDenacic@mvep.hr Tel. +32 25075407

Ms Tina JELČIĆ, Counsellor (JHA counsellor - Judicial Cooperation in Civil Matters, e - Justice, FREMP, Company Law)
Email: tina.jelcic@mvep.hr Tel. +32 25075430

Ms Zrinka SALAJ, Counsellor (Criminal Matters, Substantive Criminal Law, Justice and Home Affairs -General Affairs, JAI-RELEX)
Email: zrinka.salaj@mvep.hr Tel. +32 25075417

Mr Vedran Kos, Counsellor (Direct Taxation – CCTB, Digital Tax)
Email: vedran.kos@mvep.hr Tel +32 4367175

Ms Ingrid Babić, Counsellor (Indirect Taxation - VAT)
Email: ingrid.babić@mvep.hr Tel +32 4367164

Ms Suzana DREŠAJ, First Secretary, Legal Advisor (Court of Justice, Infringement Procedures)
Email: suzana.dresaj@mvep.hr Tel. +32 24367108

Ms Biljana ŽILIĆ, Diplomatic Counsellor (Development Cooperation and Humanitarian Aid)
Email: biljana.zilic@mvep.hr Tel. +32 25075446

Mr Marin PANDŽIĆ, First Secretary (Trade Questions, TDI, STIS, Commodities)
Email: marin.pandzic@mvep.hr Tel. +32 25075418

Ms Kitica SLADE PAVIČIĆ, First Secretary, (EFTA)
Email: kitica.slade@mvep.hr Tel. +32 25075494

Mr Antun MAHNIĆ, First Secretary (ACP)
Email: antun.mahnic@mvep.hr Tel. +32 25075446

Ms. Dubravka GLAVINA, First Secretary (Legal Migration,Iintegration, HLWG on Migration, ECBG)
Email: dubravka.glavina@mvep.hr Tel. +32 25075416

Ms. Lidija CVITIĆ, First Secretary (Indirect Taxation – VAT, FTT)
Email: lidija.cvitic@mvep.hr Tel. +32 25075493

Ms. Mateja ALILOVIĆ, First Secretary (Budget)
Email: mateja.alilovic@mvep.hr Tel. +32 25075484

Mr Srećko SENIČIĆ, First Secretary (Financial Services)
Email: srecko.senicic@mvep.hr Tel. +32 25075481

Ms Doria PETRIČEVIĆ, First Secretary (MFF, EU Budget and Own Resources)
Email: doria.petricevic@mvep.hr Tel. +32 25075424

Ms Kristina ČUGURA, First Secretary (Financial Counsellors Working Party)
Email: kristina.cugura@mvep.hr Tel. +32 25075481

Ms Kristina HORVAT, First Secretary (Financial Services)
Email: kristina.horvat@mvep.hr Tel. +32 25075481

Ms  Jelena Korica, First Secretary (Direct Taxation - Code of Conduct)
Email: jelena.korica@mvep.hr Tel. +32 4367172

Ms Andrea Rados Bajlo, First Secretary (Direct Taxation – Code of Conduct)
Email: andrea.rados-bajlo@mvep.hr Tel +32 4367171

Ms Irina ZORIĆ, Second Secretary (European Parliament and Working Party on General Affairs)
Email: irina.zoric@mvep.hr Tel: +32 25075446

Ms Marijana HEROUT, Third Secretary (Trade Policy Committee - Services & Investments)
Email: marijana.herout@mvep.hr Tel. +32 25075465



Mr Goran ŠTEFANIĆ, Ambassador, Deputy Permanent Representative (Coreper I)
Email: hr.perm.rep@mvep.hr Tel. +32 24367122

Mr Željko KOVAČEVIĆ, First Secretary (Mertens, Coordination - Coreper I)
Email: zeljko.kovacevic@mvep.hr Tel. +32 24367124

Mr Viktor ŠOBER, Minister Counsellor (Telecommunications and Information Society)
Email: viktor.sober@mvep.hr Tel. +32 25075484

Mr Marko VIDAKUŠIĆ, Minister Counsellor (Employment and Social Policy)
Email: marko.vidakusic@mvep.hr Tel. +32 25075433

Mrs Ivana KRUŠEC RUBIĆ, Counsellor (Culture and Audiovisual policy)
Email: ivana.krusec-rubic@mvep.hr Tel. +32 25075496

Ms Ivna VUKŠIĆ, Counsellor (Environment, Nature Protection, Water, Air Quality, GMO – Release into Environment)
Email: ivna.vuksic@mvep.hr Tel. +32 25075425

Mr Bojan LALIĆ, Counsellor (Environment, Waste, Chemicals, Air Quality)
Email: bojan.lalic@mvep.hr Tel. +32 25075453

Mr Jakša PETRIĆ, Counsellor (Agriculture and Rural Development, Special Committee on Agriculture, IPARD)
Email: jaksa.petric@mvep.hr Tel. +32 25075489

Ms Danijela LAMER, Counsellor (Veterinary and Food Safety)
Email: danijela.lamer@mvep.hr Tel. +32 25075427

Ms Monika POZDERAC ŽABČIĆ, Minister Counsellor (Employment and Social Policy)
Email: monika.pozderac@mvep.hr Tel. +32 25075482

Ms Ivana RUŽMAN, Counsellor (Employment)
Email: ivana.ruzman@mvep.hr Tel. +32 25075438

Ms Daria ARLAVI, Counsellor (Education)
Email: daria.arlavi@mvep.hr Tel. +32 25075474

Ms Nada SIROTIĆ, Counsellor (Research and Innovation, Space)
Email: nada.sirotic@mvep.hr Tel. +32 25075477

Ms Ivana MILETIĆ, Counsellor (Fisheries)
Email: ivana.miletic@mvep.hr Tel. +32 25075442

Ms Marija LIVIĆ, Counsellor (Social Policy and Gender Equality)
Email: marija.livic@mvep.hr Tel. +32 25075466

Mr Vladimir ŠOMEN, Counsellor (Youth and Sport)
Email: vladimir.somen@mvep.hr Tel. +32 25075466

Ms Petra JURINA, Counsellor (Company Law)
Email: petra.jurina@mvep.hr Tel. +32 2 5075430

Mr Vedran LALIĆ, Counsellor (Public Procurement, Technical Harmonisation, Competition, Consumer Protection)
Email: vedran.lalic@mvep.hr Tel : +32 25075437

Ms Ana ŠTRBAC, Counsello, (Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship, Tourism, Right of Establishment and Services, Competition, Better Regulation, Professional Qualifications)
Email: ana.strbac@mvep.hr Tel. +32 25075421

Mr Dean STRBAČKO, Counsellor (Land Transport)
Email: dean.strbacko@mvep.hr Tel. +32 25075400

Mr Željko KREVZELJ, Counsellor (Energy, Atomic Questions)
Email: zeljko.krevzelj@mvep.hr Tel. +32 25075405

Ms Nataša KAČIĆ-BARTULOVIĆ, Counsellor (Climate Change, Environment)
Email: natasa.kacic-bartulovic@mvep.hr Tel. +32 25075420

Mr Kristijan LEŽAIĆ, Counsellor (Intermodal Issues, Trans-European Transport Networks, Galileo and CEF)
Email: kristijan.lezaic@mvep.hr Tel : +32 25075400

Ms Jelena SEKULIĆ, Counsellor(Intellectual Property)
Email: jelena.sekulic@mvep.hr Tel. +32 25075475

Ms Mirjana BENEDEKOVIĆ, Counsellor(Internal Market, Right of Establishment and Services)
Email: mirjana.benedekovic@mvep.hr Tel. +32 25075421

Mr Ivan PALČIĆ, Counsellor(Public Procurement, Technical Harmonisation, Consumer Protection)
Email: ivan.palcic@mvep.hr Tel. +32 25075472

Mr Ivan DVORNIK, Counsellor (Employment and Social Policy)
Email: ivan.dvornik@mvep.hr Tel. +32 25075438

Mr Danijel GORTAN, First Secretary (Deputy Mertens, Europe 2020, Horizontal Issues)
Email: danijel.gortan@mvep.hr Tel. +32 24367117

Mr Dražen SVEČNJAK First Secretary (Agriculture and Rural Development, Special Committee on Agriculture, IPARD)
Email: drazen.svecnjak@mvep.hr Tel. +32 25075452

Ms Ina MIŠKULIN, First Secretary (Shipping and Aviation)
Email: ina.miskulin@mvep.hr Tel. +32 25075488

Mr Tomislav TOJČIĆ, First Secretary (Phytosanitary Policy, Forestry, GMO – Seeds and Propagating Materials and FAO)
Email: tomislav.tojcic@mvep.hr Tel. +32 25075406

Ms Tanja MILIN HORVAT, First Secretary (Public Health, Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices, Foodstuffs, GMO — foodstuffs)
Email: tanja.milin@mvep.hr Tel. +32 25075495

Ms Lana BEZINOVIĆ ŠOSTAR, First Secretary (Fisheries)
Email: lana.bezinovicsostar@mvep.hr Tel. +32 25075436

Ms. Marianne IĐAKOVIĆ, First Secretary (Intermodal Issues, Trans-European Transport Networks, Galileo and CEF))
Email: marianne.idakovic@mvep.hr Tel. +32 25075470

Ms Nina GOSPODNETIĆ, First Secretary (Energy)
Email: nina.gospodnetic@mvep.hr Tel. +32 25075475

Mr Željko ŠOKČEVIĆ, First Secretary (Energy)
Email: zeljko.sokcevic@mvep.hr Tel. +32 25075475

Ms Madlena OŽANIĆ, First Secretary (Climate Change, Environment)
Email: madlena.ozanic@mvep.hr Tel. +32 25075420

Ms Ana KOVAČEVIĆ, First Secretary (Environment, Waste, Chemicals, Air Quality)
Email: ana.kovacevic@mvep.hr Tel. +32 25075475

Ms Romana KNEŽEVIĆ, First Secretary (Environment, Nature Protection, Water, Air Quality, GMO – Release into Environment)
Email: romana.knezevic@mvep.hr Tel. +32 25075475

Mr Ivica ORLOVIĆ, First Secretary (Energy)
Email: ivica.orlovic@mvep.hr Tel. +32 25075475

Ms Barbi SVETEC, First Secretary (Education)
Email: barbi.svetec@mvep.hr Tel. +32 25075474

Ms Nevenka ŽIŽA, First Secretary (Shipping)
Email: nevenka.ziza@mvep.hr Tel. +32 25075488

Ms Josipa BOŽINOVIĆ, First Secretary (Land Transport)
Email: josipa.bozinovic@mvep.hr Tel. +32 2507547400



Ms Marijana KUJUNDŽIĆ, Minister Plenipotentiary, Representative to the Political and Security Committee
Email: marijana.kujundzic@mvep.hr Tel. +32 25075414

Mr Luka MAJIĆ, Diplomatic Counsellor (Nicolaidis, Coordination - PSC)
Email: luka.majic@mvep.hr Tel. +32 25075457

Mr. Zoran DRČA, Minister Plenipotentiary ( Head of CSDP Section, Defence Issues)
Email: zoran.drca@mvep.hr .Tel. +32 25075480

Ms Antonija ČAJKO KOVAČIĆ, Minister Counsellor (Defence Issues, EDA)
Email: antonija.cajko-kovacic@mvep.hr Tel. +32 25075449

Mr. Drago KELEMEN, Minister Counsellor (Defence Issues, EDA and PMG)
Email: drago.kelemen@mvep.hr, Tel. 32 25075478

Mr Marko HORVAT, Minister Counsellor (COWEB)
Email: marko.horvat@mvep.hr Tel. +32 25075402

Email: ivica.skrinjaric@mvep.hr Tel. +32 25075459

Ms Sanja MILINA, Minister Counsellor (Defence Issues, Athena)
Email: sanja.milina@mvep.hr, Tel. +32 25075449

Mr Darko STILINOVIĆ, Counsellor (CIVCOM)
Email: darko.stilinovic@mvep.hr Tel. +32 25075419

Ms Iva PLETIKOS, Minister Counsellor (COLAC, COASI)
Email: iva.pletikos@mvep.hr Tel. +32 25075471

Ms Tamara TAFRA, Diplomatic Counsellor (CYBER)
Email: tamara.tafra@mvep.hr Tel. +32 25075450

Mr Marijan HORVAT, First Secretary (MaMa, MOG, Union for the Mediterranean)
Email: marijan.horvat@mvep.hr Tel. +32 25075409

Ms Martina GRGURIĆ, First Secretary (COEST)
Email: martina.grguric@mvep.hr Tel. +32 25075412

Mr Mirko UJDENICA, First Secretary (Hybrid Threats)
Email: mirko.ujdenica@mvep.hr Tel. +32 25075456

Mrs Ana CAR, Second Secretary (COAFR and COTRA)
Email: ana.car@mvep.hr Tel.+32 25075428 


Ms Ines PACEK, Minister Plenipotentiary, Head of Secretariat
Email: ines.pacek@mvep.hr Tel. +32 25075408

Ms Marcella KRANJČEC,, Minister Counsellor (Subregistry)
Email: Marcella.Kranjcec@mvep.hr Tel. +32 25075464

Ms Katarina KIRINIĆ, Diplomatic Counsellor (Protocol)
Email: katarina.kirinic@mvep.hr Tel. +32 24367112

Mr Ratimir KRALJEVIĆ, Second Secretary (IT)
Email: ratimir.kraljevic@mvep.hr Tel. +32 25075443


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