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Diplomatic Academy

Professional diplomatic education in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was the main purpose for establishing Diplomatic Academy. Therefore the Academy has developed the system of continuous diplomatic education according to its professional needs. Diplomats and state officials of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the other state administration bodies attend the educational programmes.

Professional diplomatic studies, one-year course(the basic diplomatic course) has been designed for the young diplomats of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The course runs from October to April and the syllabus consists of approx 220/250 classes and is divided into five units: International relations and Foreign Affairs, European Integration and NATO, Introduction into Diplomacy, International/legal aspects of Diplomacy and Diplomatic practice. The lecturers are experts from the Ministry (mainly ambassadors or higher professional diplomats) and other state administration bodies, university professors from Croatia, foreign lecturers and other experts in international relations and diplomatic practice.

Two-month diplomatic course has been designed for the professional diplomats at the level of the First Secretary as a preparatory course for the Advisor's Examination. It is compulsory to pass the examination in order to be promoted in the diplomatic advisor. The syllabus consists of 120/140 classes and it covers the same range of topics as the basic diplomatic course but at a more intensive level.

Dubrovnik Diplomatic Summer School (DDSS)is a programme for the professional development of the young diplomats from Croatia, South eastern and Central Europe (approx 30 participants). It is organized in English from the end of August to mid September in co-operation with the international centre of the Croatian universities and foreign partners.

Other specialized courses for diplomats and administrative experts of the Ministry are organized continuously for the shorter period of time (up to three weeks) and they are focused on the particular questions in the diplomatic and consular practice.

We continuously organize the courses for the improvement of diplomatic communication in foreign languages in co-operation with the embassies in the Republic of Croatia and the cultural institutes for the diplomats, administration officers and administration experts.

These programmes for the diplomatic education and professional development have been organized as lectures, workshops and study group visits to the institutions at home and abroad which are of interest to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Diplomatic Academy, in co-operation with other bodies of state administration and administration of ministries, organizes and follows through special preparatory courses for heads of diplomatic missions and consular offices, diplomats and administrative experts who are to be sent in diplomatic missions and consular offices of the Republic of Croatia.