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Diplomatic Academy

About us
Diplomatic Academy was established as a Diplomatic School under regulation of the government of the Republic of Croatia of October 8, 1994. At the beginning it was organized as a Department within the Ministry of Foreign Affairs with the aim to educate systematically and continuously the diplomats and the State officials of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

By the government regulation of the Republic of Croatia of October 24, 1996 the Diplomatic School turned into the Diplomatic Academy becoming an Office within the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Its purpose is to continue the diplomatic education not only with the diplomats and State officials at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, but with the State officials in the State Department Units who are responsible for the international relations and co-operation.

Before the independent unit for the diplomatic education at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was established, diplomatic education had been organized through courses since 1991 in co-operation with the programme of the International Public Law of the Law School, University of Zagreb (member of Academy Vladimir Ibler, professor Božidar Bakotić, L.L.D., professor Budislav Vukas L.L.D., professor Nina Vaić L.L.D. and others).

Our institution is not only a subject in the diplomatic education, but it also actively co-operates in the diplomatic field, developing the contacts and organizing meetings and conferences in co-operation with the corresponding institutions abroad.

In a variety of activities we pay special attention to co-operation with scientific and educational institutions in the country and we have also developed the publishing activity.

There is a library at the Academy and the publications from its holdings, mainly from the diplomatic field and the international relations, are at disposal to the diplomats and state officials.

At the head of the Academy there is Director. Within the Academy there are: department for the improvement in the diplomatic field and publishing, and department for the preparations and foreign languages.

If you wish further information on our activities, visit archives.