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Press Release:

Washington, 06 February 2019 - State Secretary Bušić attends ministerial meeting of Global Coalition to Defeat ISIS

State Secretary for Political Affairs Zdravka Bušić 6 February 2019 in Washington attended a meeting of the ministers of the Global Coalition to Defeat ISIS, organized by the US Department of State. The goal of the meeting was aligning the member states on the next phase of fighting the ISIS influence through stabilization and the strengthening of security in the affected countries. The adoption of joint communique underlined the Coalition members’ commitment to the long-term efforts against ISIS.

In her address, Bušić welcomed the Coalition’s successes, adding that the fight was not over yet and the Coalition faced the challenge of rooting out radical ideologies for good. She stressed the importance of international contribution to the stabilization of civilian life and humanitarian aid to ISIS victims.

Bušić also reiterated Croatia’s commitment to the goals of the Coalition, underscoring Croatia’s contribution to the reconstruction, rehabilitation and ensuring a better future for the Coalition’s partners.