Ministarstvo vanjskih i europskih poslova RH

Press Release:

Zagreb, 09 September 2019 - Ministry voices protest over Serbian servicemen's attempt to enter Croatia

The Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs today summoned the Serbian ambassador to voice protest at an attempt by Serbian servicemen to enter Croatia illegally and without official notification, which was thwarted at the Bajakovo border crossing.

The Croatian side condemned this attempted illegal crossing into Croatia without any notification or consent from Croatian authorities. Although the Serbian ambassador rejected the protest note, the ministry informed her that the event at Bajakovo was an act of provocation aimed at causing incidents and harshly condemned the fact that Serbia's official institutions were involved in it.

The Croatian side underlined that it considered this attempted provocation as well as ensuing responses by the Serbian leadership a continuation of inappropriate behaviour and a part of the ongoing pattern of public discourse in Serbia directed against Croatia, a neighbouring country and a member of the EU and NATO. This is yet another confirmation of Serbia’s inability to deal with its past and its responsibility for the wars of the 1990s.