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Press Release:

Škabrnja, 18 November 2020 - Minister Grlić Radman attends Škabrnja commemoration

Minister Gordan Grlić Radman, as the envoy of the prime minister, attended on Wednesday the commemoration of the 29th anniversary of the fall of Škabrnja, which began with a wreath laying at the monument to the victims of the Homeland War at the St. Luke Cemetery and the mass grave monument. The procession proceeded towards the Church of Holy Mary’s Ascension, where a mass was held for the victims.

Grlić Radman told the press that on this day we remember and pay our respects to all the victims – our heroes of the Homeland War and the innocent civilians. “Škarbnja has suffered a lot during the war. It is a special feeling to come here, but it is even more important to send a message that we have not forgotten this place. Here a painful part of our history was written. The terrible crimes that happened here must not be forgotten, and that is why it is important that young generations learn about this. We have gathered here today so that memories do not fade,” the minister stressed.

Škabrnja along with Vukovar a symbol of Croatia’s suffering

On 18 November 1991, 43 civilians and 15 defenders were killed and massacred in Škabrnja. The numbers rose to 55 and 25 respectively in the following days. After the war, six more villagers have been killed by leftover landmines. By the time Škabrnja was liberated in Operation Storm in 1995, 86 persons had been killed in the village.