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Press Release:

Zagreb, 14 October 2020 - Gov’t adopts decisions on Croatia’s participation in Three Seas

The government on Wednesday adopted a decision on the national coordinator for the Three Seas Initiative and on contributing to the Initiative's Investment Fund.

The former decision designated the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs as the Three Seas coordinating body and the foreign minister as the national coordinator.

The latter decision states that the Croatian Bank for Reconstruction and Development would participate in the structuring of the Fund, expected to total EUR 3-5 billion. This underlines Croatia’s continued support for the Initiative and further positions the country as a crucial and active participant in the platform.

The Three Seas Initiative is an informal political platform of eastern and central EU member states on the Baltic, Adriatic and Black seas. It aims to strengthen political, economic, infrastructure, energy and security cooperation. The Initiative is important for Croatia also because of the construction of an LNG terminal off Krk Island, which will connect to an already existing terminal in Poland.