Ministarstvo vanjskih i europskih poslova RH

Press Release:

Zagreb, 05 November 2019 - FM attends AmCham conference on Croatia’s EU presidency

Minister of Foreign and European Affairs Gordan Grlić Radman 5 November 2019 attended a conference on “Croatia’s EU Presidency – Competitiveness and Growth”, organized by the American Chamber of Commerce.

Grlić Radman outlined Croatia’s priorities in that period, underlining that we would maintain the open and fair trade policy which brought Croatia economic growth and new possibilities of entering global markets, while also strengthening Croatia’s position in the world.

“Croatia’s EU presidency will take place in extremely difficult circumstances, with the international trade system going through its toughest crisis yet and the world’s biggest economies bringing into question the rules at the core of that system. In light of that, and given the key role of the EU in defending and reforming a system which needs to be brought back to the centre of global trade, we see the 12th WTO ministerial conference as one of the challenges of Croatia’s presidency,” said Grlić Radman in his address.

The minister underscored that Croatia would focus on the citizens, their needs and expectations, because we want them to feel the benefits of EU membership.