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Press Release:

Varaždin, 03 December 2019 - State secretary presents first pillar of Croatia’s EU presidency priorities

State Secretary Nikolina Brnjac 3 December in Varaždin participated in a conference presenting the first pillar of Croatia’s EU presidency priorities – “A Europe that Is Developing”.

Brnjac underscored that during its six-month Council of the EU chairmanship Croatia would promote open trade policy to encourage economic growth and open up new possibilities of entering global markets, as well as strengthen the EU’s role and position in the world.

“Our presidency will be taking place in a time of crisis for the international rule-based trade system that is brining into question its very foundation,” Brnjac said.

“The EU has a vast network of trade agreements with the world. In force are 41 trade agreements with 72 countries, ensuring an easier and cheaper trade and service flow between the EU and its partners. Translated economically, just the trade with third countries accounts for 36 million jobs in the member states,” she said, underlining that Croatia would push for equal rights for all and fight against unfair competition, protecting jobs in both Croatia and the EU.

Two panels saw the presentation of Croatia’s main priorities in the context of a uniform, sustainable and inclusive development of Europe, demographic care, a strong internal market, as well as the Union’s sustainable growth and competitiveness. Also participating in the conference were Minister of Economy, Entrepreneurship and Crafts Darko Horvat, Minister of Demographics, Family, Youth and Social Policy Vesna Bedeković, Agriculture Minister Marija Vučković, as well as a number of state secretaries and assistant ministers.

The conference marked the end of the cycle of presentation of Croatia’s umbrella priorities for the Council of the EU chairmanship in the first half of 2020.