Ministarstvo vanjskih i europskih poslova RH

Accreditation of Foreign Journalists


On 1 January 1997 the Ministry of Foreign Affairs took over from the Ministry of Culture the tasks of registering and the removal from the register of permanent foreign correspondents and their bureaus and permanent staff of these bureaus.

An application for entering a foreign correspondent or his bureau into the register is filed by the administration of the bureau (correspondents in other countries who often stay in the territory of Croatia for reporting can also be registered as correspondents in Croatia).

Application for registering a bureau of a foreign correspondent must contain:

  • name and seat of the foreign bureau
  • seat of the bureau in Croatia
  • name and family name of the authorized person

Application for registering a foreign correspondent must contain:

  • name and family name
  • date and place of birth
  • nationality
  • copy of passport (date and place of issue, No.)
  • copy of ID, if the correspondent is a national of Croatia
  • permanent address abroad or address of the media house (if the applicant is a temporary correspondent)
  • photograph, via e-mail only (jpg 210*270 pixels)
  • short CV
  • proof that the applicant is an employee of the bureau or has a work contract

A permanent correspondent must also enclose a proof that he has a place to stay in Croatia. A foreign free-lance correspondent encloses all the abovementioned and a work contract or an international press card instead of a evidence of employment.