Ministarstvo vanjskih i europskih poslova RH

Secretariat of the Negotiating Team

The Secretariat of the Negotiating Team assists the Secretary of the Negotiating Team in his/her work and provides expert, technical and administrative assistance to the State Delegation, the Negotiating Team and the Working Groups for preparing negotiations on the individual chapters.

The Secretariat coordinates the tasks and duties arising from the negotiations, prepares an analytical review and evaluation of the degree of harmonisation of legislation (screening) and makes reports on the progress of legislative harmonisation, as well as on the progress of the negotiations. It also performs any other technical and administrative tasks related to the negotiations.

Members of the Secretariat are:

1 Free Movement of Goods- Karmen Simčić
2 Freedom of Movement for Workers- Diana Štrkalj
3 Right of Establishment and Freedom to Provide Services - Ivona Martinuš
4 Free Movement of Capital - Maja Bogdan
5 Public Procurement – Ivana Kordić
6 Company Law – Davorka Borić
7 Intellectual Property Law – Ivona Martinuš
8 Competition Policy – Karmen Simčić
9 Financial Services – Maja Bogdan
10 Information Society and Media – Željka Babić
11 Agriculture and Rural Development - Željko Kovačević
12 Food Safety, Veterinary and Phytosanitary Policy - Željko Kovačević
13 Fisheries - Željko Kovačević
14 Transport Policy - Željka Babić
15 Energy - Lena Ružić
16 Taxation - Suzana Drešaj
17 Economic and Monetary Union - Suzana Drešaj
18 Statistics - Boris Čorak
19 Social Policy and Employment – Diana Štrkalj
20 Enterprise and Industrial Policy 
21 Trans-European Networks - Željka Babić
22 Regional Policy and the Co-ordination of Structural Instruments - Petra Radić/Boris Čorak 
23 Judiciary and Fundamental Rights and Justice - Gordana Vidović Mesarek
24 Justice, Freedom and Security - Sonja Žerjav, Lena Ružić
25 Science and Research - Gordana Vidović Mesarek
26 Education and Culture- Gordana Vidović Mesarek
27 Environment - Lena Ružić
28 Consumer and Health Protection - Željko Kovačević
30 External Relations – Ivana Kordić
31 Foreign, Security and Defence Policy - Elizabeta Mađarević
32 Financial control - Suzana Drešaj
33 Financial and budgetary provisions - Suzana Drešaj
34 Institutions – Branko Zebić
35 Other Issues - Branko Zebić