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New York, 21 September 2016

FM Kovač comments on 71st UN General Assembly activities

(Hina) - The UN refugee summit is, in a way, the first time that a matrix has been created on how to long term, organised and humanely approach refugees and migrants worldwide

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Zagreb, 15 September 2016

FM Kovač: First suit against Croatia for CHF loan conversion filed

(Hina) - Foreign Minister Miro Kovač said on Thursday that the first lawsuit against Croatia for the conversion of Swiss franc loans had been filed

Bratislava, 03 September 2016

FM Kovač calls spy affair "third-rate soap opera"

(Hina) - Croatian Foreign Minister Miro Kovač on Saturday portrayed the apprehension of an alleged spy, a Croatian citizen, in Belgrade on espionage charges, as "a third-rate soap opera",

Termination of the Arbitration Process between Croatia and Slovenia: Causes and Consequences