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Zagreb, 03 May 2016

Croatia, Bulgaria support EU enlargement

(Hina) - Croatia and Bulgaria support EU enlargement to include all Western Balkan countries, but these countries must meet the necessary criteria

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Zagreb, 26 April 2016

FM Kovač: Islam is Croatia's cultural legacy

(Hina) - Foreign Minister Miro Kovač said on Tuesday, on the occasion of the centenary of Islam's recognition as an equal religion in Croatia, that indigenous Islam in Croatia was not just a faith but a cultural legacy too

Zagreb, 25 April 2016

Cardinal Bozanić holds talks with FM Kovač

The Archbishop of Zagreb, Cardinal Josip Bozanić, 25 April met with Minister of Foreign and European Affairs Miro Kovač at the Archdiocese of Zagreb

Termination of the Arbitration Process between Croatia and Slovenia: Causes and Consequences